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Volunteers at Edna University Hospital provide us with support in a wide range of projects within the hospital and university, assisting medical staff and aiding university students. If you have the expertise and want to make a difference to a University Hospital that is striving to produce the highest quality health care professionals in a country where maternal and infant mortality rates are one of the highest in the world, follow the links below for more information on how to apply.


  1. Is Somaliland a safe and stable country?

  Since Somaliland won its independence from its neighbour Somalia twenty two years ago, the country has experienced relative peace and stability. However as Somaliland is still yet to be recognized by the international community, its success and achievements have gone unnoticed. Volunteers should feel reassured knowing that there are very few risks and dangers.  

  1. What type of transportation do I need to travel to Somaliland?

Flights to Berbera:

http://jubbaairways.com/, as of May 28, 2013 there were flights from Dubai to Berbera only on Wednesday and Saturday, departing at 6 a.m. and leaving at 8 a.m. , return flights to Dubai  leave on Tuesday and Friday at 12 p.m., stop in Djibouti, then arrive at 6 p.m. it is easy to change ticket dates free of charge on the jubba airways website

  1. Do I need a Visa?

Abdilahi is the Admin and Finance Assistant in charge of providing Visa’s for visitors to Edna Adan hospital. The visa’s are valid for 30 days, but can be extended once you are in Hargeisa. Contact Abdilahi for specific information on your visa. Email him a copy of your current passport, date of arrival and departure, the name of the airline you are traveling with, location of departure destination and ticket itinerary. Please keep the email short and to the point. His email is maahyare@gmail.com. He will email you a copy of your Visa. Please print out and bring with you to Somaliland.

  1. What do I do upon arriving in Somaliland?

Arrival-Keep your baggage ticket from the departing airport to claim your bag. Bring a copy of your visa and exact change, as of the May 27th, 2013 the cost for a Somaliland visa was $34 USD. From Berbera to Hargeisa, it is a 2-3 hour car ride, bring water and use the bathroom before traveling. You can buy bottled water at the airport for a dollar. Ideally you can coordinate with a volunteer coordinator at Edna to arrive when other volunteers or employees will also be arriving in Berbera, in order to ride share to Hargeisa.

  1. Will accommodation be provided for me?

Accommodation will be provided for all volunteers, which will be inside the hospitals compound. Each volunteer will be provided with their own room, bathroom, food and laundry facilities are also catered for. The electrical outlet is three pronged European. Volunteers will be expected pay for their

  1. Are there shops and supermarkets available for me to buy essential goods?

There are numerous shops and supermarkets around the city, conveniently there Edna has a  supermarket which is right next to the Hospital, where you can just pop down and buy goods from toothpaste to cornflakes.

  1. Are the rooms or apartments self-catered?

Volunteers are able to cater for themselves, using cooking utensils in the kitchen, however some volunteers choose to eat at Edna’s dining table where food is provided.

  1. Will volunteers be able to leave the hospital compound?

Although Somaliland is relatively peaceful, all volunteers need an escort guard and transport to minimize risk. Arranging this is pretty simple, though you are expected to pay for the costs. A lot of activities can also be arranged to visit historical sites and visiting the countryside to experience how Nomads live.

  1. Are cell phones and internet cables available?

You will be able to purchase a phone for as little as $40 as soon as you arrive and calls locally and internationally are fairly cheap. Internet is available in the compound, though sometimes you may experience a slow connection.

  1. What type of clothing is suitable to wear?

For women, it is strongly advised to arrive with a head scarf and loose fitting conservative clothing. You can find affordable and suitable clothing in the market in Hargeisa and don’t need to worry about bringing too much clothing with you.  You can wear jeans and your “normal” clothes in the apartment and in Edna’s apartment.

Bring activities for your own personal time: books, kindle, computer, knitting, games, art supplies, basic exercise equipment (such as a jump rope or hackie sack), movies (there is a tv and DVD player) and music.

For teaching, it is much easier if you have your own computer with the capacity to do research, write papers and prepare power points. Notebooks and pens are useful and also available for purchase in stationary shops.

If you want to bring gifts or food to share, chocolate, ground coffee, tea and cheese are always appreciated in the dining room.

Hand sanitizer and personal hygiene supplies are available in Hargeisa, but it is not a bad idea to bring your own. What not to bring Keep your travel weight light and easy to carry. Most things are available for purchase in Hargeisa.

  1. What type of health care is available for me in Somaliland?

Know that most major medical issues you will have to return to your home country. There are doctors here to provide support for minor issues such as the cold, stomach bugs and minor injuries. It is advised to always drink bottled water and to not eat food prepared on the street. Always wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

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