Scholarships at Edna Adan University

The Somaliland Ministry of Education and Higher Education provides free scholarships to a limited number of secondary school students every year through various Somaliland accredited universities. These scholarships are offered to the top ten Secondary School drop-outs and Secondary School graduates from various regional orphanages as well as the children of the SOYAAL War Veterans and under privileged groups.

In addition, the university also offers scholarships to students in need. The scholarship procedures are designed to ensure scholarships are granted fairly, to the students most in need and in all the faculties offered at the university.

    Procedures and Eligibility for a Scholarship at the Edna Adan University

  1. A student should request a scholarship application from the university
  2. The student should carefully prepare the scholarship application verifying that he or she meets the following criteria:
    • The student must be a Somalilander.
    • The student must be a full-time student of the University.
    • The student must not receive any other scholarship / grant / educational loan or be able to afford to     pay the tuition fees.
    • The student must not be an employee of any agency (private or government).
    • The student provide proof of his or her financial and academic eligibility for the scholarship.
  3. The student should submit the completed scholarship application to the office of Dean of Academic affairs.
  4. The Dean of Academic Affairs will determine if the applicant is a student of good standing in his or her classes and has fulfilled all other criteria laid down by the university.
  5. If the applicant meets the scholarship requirements, the student will be added to the list of eligible candidates reviewed by the university scholarship committee.
  6. The student will be notified if he or she has been selected for a scholarship.
  7. All students on scholarship provided by the university are required to contribute to the university with volunteer work hours. Each scholarship recipient will be assigned an advisor who will help determine the student’s work site and ensure completion of the necessary hours.

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