Bachelor of Public Health

Was established in recognition of the country’s need for an informed and empowered public health workforce in addressing the main issues affecting health in the country.

The Somaliland Health Policy (2010-2015) identified clearly the importance of disease prevention and health promotion, especially in relation to the rise in noncommunicbale diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and their principal risk factors, including obesity, Qaat,  smoking, unhealthy diets, and lack of physical activity.  Other areas of importance in the SHP include occupational health, the health of women and children, and the threat of communicable diseases.  The program aims to promote the development of public policies, programs and services that support a healthy and fulfilling life for the population in Somaliland.

This degree prepares students to join the interdisciplinary field of Public Health, which addresses the distribution and determinants of health and disease in the population as well as the appropriate and effective interventions to address them.

Students in this program will take courses covering the core knowledge areas of Public Health, namely Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Health Services Administration, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes for the Program are as follows:

  1. Apply public health concepts as a broad and complex domain of professional practice and inquiry, with specific reference to the local context
  2. Analyze  local and international public health problems with inferences from history and milestone in the evolution of the public health field
  3. Examine ethical issues relevant to public health practice, especially as they apply to local specificities, and justify proposed courses of action
  4. Apply research skills to generate well-formed questions and approaches to answering them – including research questions, data sources, and appropriate methodologies
  5. Assess evidence used to implement and evaluate Public Health interventions
  6. Communicate effectively about public health issues
  7. Design health education strategies and interventions
  8. Assess the appropriateness and impact of health education strategies and    interventions
  9. Demonstrate leadership skills in public health
  10. Apply management theories and concepts to public health issues
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of effective management of public health programs and interventions
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of effective management of public health services

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health will prepare students both for further graduate work in the area of public health as well as for an entry to mid-level career in public health. Graduates of the program are expected to find employment opportunities in health care organizations as well as in organizations outside the health sector (such as schools and non-governmental organizations) in capacities related to health program planning, policy formulation and assessment, management, program evaluation and health education.  

Public Health course structure (Total credit hours 137)

Course breakdown by year and semester.

Year I Semester I

Course code Course Title Credit hours
BIOL 101 General Biology 3
ENGL 101 English I 3
CHEM 101 General Chemistry 3
MATH 101 Introduction to college Mathematics 3
PSYL 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SH 101 Islamic Studies and Ethics 2
    Semester  Total   17

Year I Semester II

Course code Course Title Credit hours
CHEM 102 Organic Chemistry 3
BMSC 101 Anatomy and Physiology 4
ENGL 102 English II 3
SOCI 102 Introduction to Sociology 3
PHS 102 Introduction to Public Health 2
PHS 103 Ecology 2
    Semester Total   17

Year I Semester III

Course code Course Title Credit hours
BMSC 201 Biochemistry 3
BMSC 202 Introduction to Microbiology and Parasitology 3
BMSC 203 Policy, program planning and Evaluation 3
NURS 201 Firs Aid and Personal Hygiene 1
PHS 201 Physical Diagnosis and History Taking 1
PHS 202 Infectious Disease I 3
PHS 203 Reproductive Health 3
    Semester Total   17

Year II Semester I

Course code Course Title Credit hours
BMSC 204 Introduction to Pharmacology and Toxicology 3
PHS 204 Water Supply 2
PHS 205 Waste management 2
PHS 206/td>

Community Based Public Health Practicum I 1
PHS 207


Clinical practicum I (for infectious disease) 2
PHS 208 Child Health 3
PHS 209 Nutrition 3
     Semester Total   16

Year II Semester II

Course code Course Title Credit hours
PHS 301 Infectious Disease II 3
PHS 302 Food Hygiene/safety 3
PHS 303 Biostatistics 3
PHS 304 Epidemiology 3
PHS 305 Environmental Pollution and Control 2
PHS 306 Community Based Public Health Practicum II 2
PHS 307 Clinical Practicum II ( for Reproductive Health) 2
    Semester  Total   18

Year II Semester III

Course code Course Title Credit hours
PHS 308 Health Promotion and Education 4
PHS 309 Basic Laws and Ethics in Public Health 2
PHS 310 Health Service Management 3
PHS 311 Entomology and Vector Control 2
PHS 312 Non Communicable Disease I 2
PHS 313 Research Methodology 2
PHS 314 Community based Public Health Practicum III 2
PHS 315 Clinical practicum III ( For Child Health) 2
     Semester  Total 19

Year III Semester I

Course code Course Title Credit hours
PHS 401 Disaster response and Management 2
PHS 402 Quarantine and Port Health service 1
PHS 403 Project Development 3
PHS 404 Occupational Health 2
PHS 405 Community Mental Health 2
PHS 406 Non- Communicable Disease II 2
PHS 407 Housing and Institutional Hygiene 2
PHS 408 Community Based Practicum for Public Health IV 2
PHS 409 Clinical Practicum IV (For Non-Communicable Disease) 2
                                            Semester  Total 18

Year III Semester II

Course code Course Title Credit hours
PHS 410 Community Based Public Health Practicum V (Research Project) 5
PHS 411 Internship Pass/fail
  Semester  Total 5

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