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Edna Adan University is an academic institution that offers higher education with the objective of building the professional capacity of Somaliland students in various disciplines. The institution aims at providing the community with competent professionals who are able to provide quality services.

As a teaching hospital, the Edna Adan hospital hosts medical students, interns and junior doctors from other universities in Somaliland and internationally for practical training in both routine and specialized care.

In a spirit of nation-building and in keeping with its commitment to serve the people of Somaliland, the Edna Adan University offers its students affordable tuition so that the many who come from various remote regions in Somaliland may obtain a quality tertiary education.

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The Class of 2016 convocation was held on October 3, 2016 at Mansoor Hotel. On this Monday morning, graduates were joined by their families and friends to celebrate their achievements. Excitement and pride radiated from the faces of the families and teachers of the...

Call For Research Abstracts

Edna Adan University is hosting a three-day Brain Awareness Advocacy Conference in collaboration with International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) Conference Dates 28-30 January, 2017 Hargeisa, Somaliland Theme A healthy Brain for a healthy nation and its...

Edna Adan University offers its students affordable tuition so that they may obtain a quality tertiary education.

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